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Universe Expansion Pace Faster Than Perceived By Scientists

According to the recent studies, many astrologers may have to consider once again about the concept of cosmos and mysteries of the outer space. Scientists have discovered that the universe is expanding at a mind-boggling speed. To conduct the research, scientists had used a powerful telescope so that they can easily keep a track on how the galaxies of outer space are moving.

Due to the data gathered, scientists came to the conclusion that all of the galaxies in the outer space are moving away from each other faster than speculated. During one of the press events, researchers have stated that at present the galaxies are moving 9% faster than the expected rate. To analyze the data researchers have used a trajectory of outer space immediately after the Big Bang.

Researchers had measured the data through the Hubble space telescope of NASA. Scientists also believe that the new finding may bring a radical change in the understanding of the universe. While addressing the press Adam Riess said that the present finding is more than just a fluke but the analytical data is completely unexpected.

To study the speed of galaxies scientists had studied the light illuminated from 70 different stars of neighboring galaxies. Researchers had studied the Cepheid variables to measure the distance between galaxies. The results which scientists got were contrary to the Plank Satellite of the European Space Agency.

The new finding is also contrary to the observations which scientists had made in the past but they can’t negate the present analysis as one of the best telescopes has been used for the process. Scientists admit that their findings in the past might have some shortcomings due to which they won’t be able to get precise findings in the past. Scientists also believe that the present phenomenon has also defied the laws of physics which they know till now.