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Scientists Look For Ways To Erase Bad Memories

It is a known fact that traumatic memories affect a person’s overall quality of lifestyle and make them prone to stress and anxiety. It is very likely that a person who had suffered from a bad situation in the past will have to deal with a wide range of phobias as well as PTSD.

Researchers are giving more emphasis on cognitive behavior therapy so that they can overcome a long range of traumatic events in an easy manner. In her research paper, Dr. Ana Galarza Vallejo stated that the effective treatment of traumatic events will ultimately decrease the bad memories at a considerable rate.

Dr. Vallejo further stated that it is very hard to get rid of the well-established memories. The paper also stated that it is close to reality to treat patients to get rid of disturbing events of the past. Dr. Vallejo further said that initially, it is very easy to get rid of bad memories through anesthesia, electroconvulsive therapy as well as inhibition of protein synthesis. She further stated that with time these memories become immune to various types of physical treatments.

Dr. Vallejo and her colleagues took 50 participants whom they showcased slides which had negative emotions so that they could establish a temporary memory inside their brain. The researchers further called the participants after one week so that they can reactivate the traumatic memories and put up some questions.

The researchers then divided the group into two and gave the participants an injection of propofol. The researchers then found that just after 24 hours of injection, propofol has hindered the reconsolidation process of traumatic memories.

While speaking to the press Dr. Vallejo stated that they have found a noninvasive way to hinder the effect of bad memories in the brain of human beings. On the contrary, the team of researchers also warned that increasing the duration of a reactivation session may cause destabilization in the remote memory.