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Cesium Astro Raise $12.4 Mn In The First Round Led By Airbus Ventures

Businesses related to antennas and satellites make a lot of profit these days and Cesium Astro is a perfect example of it. This startup related to the payload for satellites which builds antennas and other advanced systems of communication reported a profit of close to $12.4 million under the new Airbus Venture.

There were quite a few ventures involved as well, with some of them including HONEYWELL Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Venture, Franklin and Laverock Ventures etcetera. The total amount raised by the Texas-based company, Cesium Astro till date is $14 million which is quite impressive considering the fact that it has been existence since 2017. The CEO of the company, Mr. Shey Sabripour, was a former employee of Lockheed Martin and a prominent figure in this field. He revealed in a recent interview that Cesium has already secured multiple rides for the phased array antennas and expects the orbital tests to take place within this year.

These particular types of Phased Array satellites have found a lot of success in ground operations to connect with multiple satellites at once but their application in Space has not really been tested properly.

Once the missions prove to be a success, the applications are going to be worth it. The traditional satellites provide their service to broadband users like airlines and ships but the power provided by them is relatively fixed irrespective of the fact whether it is being used at a particular moment or not. So you have to pay for something that is not of any utility to you. Using the newer satellites, you can channel the power to a place you want, since it is dynamic in nature.

Cesium is already trying to reduce the costs of its Phased Array satellites, making it more affordable. The Ku-, Ka and the S-band will be focused on first and then the L- and X- band before going on to the highly elusive Ka-, for which newer technologies are in place. Since they are making a considerable profit, Sabripour wants to increase the employee headcount as well, to increase the productivity of Cesium Astro.