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Latest Microneedle Can Revolutionize Vaccination And Drug Delivery

One of the most commonly used defenses against some most of the infectious diseases is the vaccines; however, even after decades of research, there are unsafe injections practices followed which has completely exposed a massive part of the populace to some of the deadly diseases and infections. The University of South Australia researchers have developed a new technology so as to encourage safe vaccination techniques by using silver-coated, antibacterial dissolvable microneedle patches. This new needle is not only sterile but also inhibits any growth of bacteria and also makes dissolving of it manually after administration.

According to Professor Krasimir Vasilev, this new generation microneedles have the potential to revolutionize the safe administration techniques of drug delivery and transdermal vaccinations. The use of injections for vaccinations and other curative care is a common practice pursued in health care everywhere. The silver-loaded microneedles have antibacterial properties that help to inhibit the growth of many pathogenic bacteria and reduce the spread of infections. After thorough researching, it was found that around the area of application the current silver-loaded microneedle patches developed a 24-hour bacteria-free zone is a rare feature found in the new technology. The 700 ยต in length needle pierces only through the first layer of the skin without touching any nerves giving it a title of a complete painless practice.

There are no sharp wastes left behind as the microneedles are completely dissolved after the application owing to the use of the safe, biocompatible, and highly water-soluble polymer in its production. According to the World Health Organization, the use of same syringes to give injections among the populace has been affecting almost 1.7 million people hepatitis B, 315,000 with hepatitis C, and 33,800 with HIV annually. The safety of the new microneedle is that there is no chance of it being reused due to its dissolvable nature. This new and safe vehicle is believed to be promising for delivering particular vaccines and drugs across the world.