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Twitter To Stream Professional Drone Racing For Free This Year

Admirers of the sport of drone racing are supposed to get their fix online for free of cost this year. The Drone Racing League (DRL) is said to be one of the sport’s largest groups. This week, it revealed that its 4th season will be streaming from August 11, 2019, on Twitter as well as on Youku, a Chinese video site. The season will be available for all to watch. Races are supposed to be broadcasted on NBCSN and NBC as well.

This is a bit of an exit from the DRL’s earlier broadcast plan. For its earlier three seasons, the group with a desire to turn drone racing into the upcoming NASCAR signed agreements with pay TV channels such as Sky, ESPN, and Disney. For the league’s initial three seasons, admirers could watch these races online. However, the condition was that they should have subscribed to the related provider.

On a similar note, Twitter came into the news as it revealed that it is about to add new options to its reporting procedure for tweets sharing personal data. Reportedly, this would add much more particular fields that users can emphasize while they are submitting reports. Now, while reporting a tweet with private data, users are supposed to be taken to an extra menu. This will let them specify whether the tweet holds contact data, physical location, home address, pecuniary information, and ID numbers or pictures.

The latest feature is supposed to be introduced this week on Twitter’s both mobile as well as web version. It’s definitely valuable that Twitter is allowing users to be more particular in emphasizing tricky tweets. The latest system, much like an identical update in October 2018 that offered more granular choices for reporting bots or fake accounts, still isn’t clear regarding, on Twitter’s end, what (if anything) is done of things after receiving the report.