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Pixel Call Screen Feature By Google Arrives In Canada As A Beta

Beginning this week, Google Pixel consumers in Canada can select to experiment with the Call Screen beta after the functionality launched in December 2018 for US consumers. Pixel Call Screen is a handy functionality that consumers can start once they get a call by tapping the “Screen call button.” From here, Google Assistant examines the caller and shows relevant data, such as who is calling, why, and if the caller is possibly a spam call.

In a nod to privacy worries, the blog at Google Canada details that Call Screen, “vets call details, which means these experiences are private & fast to you, and employ less battery.” Regarding support to language, the Call Screen functionality in Canada will only be accessible in English—at least for time being.

Canadian Pixel 3 and Pixel 2 consumers will get an email beginning from this week with instructions and a link to select the Call Screen. If you have been beleaguered in Canada by spam callers or you have always needed a way to examine who is calling you, then the feature can be the solution to your issues.

On a related note, Google made various custom applications for the Pixel XL and Pixel, and its newest one seems to be an application dubbed as Sounds that was just posted on the Play Store, as seen by the media. On the other hand, the link to the application is only available if you own a Pixel.

The application listing defines Sounds as a method for consumers to customize their ringtones, alarms, and notifications. It is an upgraded iteration of the Sounds menu discovered in settings of Pixel handsets. As you trial out every sound, the application employs colorful visualizations so you can better distinguish every ringtone from another.